Seller's Guide

Avi Strugo is an experienced real estate professional who can assist you in selling your home fast and efficiently for top dollar.

Selling A Home

Selling your Napa property is a big decision for different reasons than buying a home. Often choosing to sell your house comes with emotional weight, often to unload it because you’ve outgrown the house or perhaps a loved one died, and you inherited it. Regardless of the reasoning behind selling, real estate agent Avi Strugo is an experienced professional who can assist you in selling your home fast and efficiently for top dollar.

The first step to selling your house entails preparing it for the market. You want your property to be in tip-top shape, so it attracts a broad range of prospective buyers. That means making minor repairs, cleaning up the front yard and entranceway, painting, decluttering, and more.

  • Depersonalize –– Buyers want to walk into your home and envision what it will look like when they live there with their family and personal belongings. It’s hard to do that when they see your photographs and personal items scattered throughout. 
  • Clean and declutter –– Your home should be so clean it sparkles and looks as neutral as possible. You might also want to consider getting a professional staging service as staged homes are proven to sell faster and for a higher profit.
  • Listing agreement –– Solidify the agreement between the listing agent and homeowner.
  • Assess the house –– You and your agent will walk through the house and pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses, so you know what to highlight when you’re staging and preparing for showings.

Ultimately, you want your house to look beautiful, so buyers are more likely to remember it after a tour. Any minor repairs or cosmetic fixes you can do would be beneficial to selling your property, while significant problems might require an expert.

Other ways you can get your house in good condition include cleaning everything from top to bottom (including carpets), repainting with neutral colors, freshening up the yard, and removing anything related to your pets.

The next and perhaps most vital step in selling your property is to market it appropriately. Avi will assist you in pricing your home, using comparable sales on recent properties in the vicinity to come up with the right range.

Then he will list your home on the MLS database. Using a combination of traditional and digital marketing methods, Avi will showcase your home to local buyers and buyer’s agents. These marketing strategies include open house showings, listing on publications and websites, direct mail and email campaigns, social media campaigns, 3D tours, and professional photography. Whenever an agent takes their client on a tour or walkthrough, they’ll send detailed feedback to your listing agent, who can then utilize that advice to improve marketing strategies.

Once the bids start coming in, your seller’s agent will handle the details, but you’ll stay apprised of everything that occurs. Your agent will disclose everything to you and help you throughout the negotiation process. As an expert negotiator, Avi will handle this process accordingly with the other agent. But feel free to ask any questions. Your realtor is here to help you understand every facet of the process in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand way. It is your agent’s job to look out for your best interests from beginning to end.

You’re close to completing the sale, but you can’t relax just yet. The closing stage is the most critical stage of the entire process as it entails the most important paperwork, final walkthroughs, and inspections. Carefully review the contractual contingencies and your obligations as a seller before reading through and signing the final paperwork, including the sales agreement. When everything is completed, congratulations! You’ve officially sold a house.

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