Napa Yacht Club

Offers a community of upscale homes for buyers seeking the best real estate in Napa Valley.

Welcome to Napa Yacht Club

Luxury, waterfront living under the California sun

Located along the waterfront, the Napa Yacht Club offers a community of upscale homes for buyers seeking the best real estate in Napa Valley. Homeowners in the Napa Yacht Club have direct access to the water and purchase their own luxurious boats to utilize during warmer months. This is one of the most desirable communities to reside in all of Northern California. 

Home properties in Napa Yacht Club are incredibly beautiful. Most homes are directly on the waterfront, so residents benefit from breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay and the surrounding rolling hills. Types of homes in Napa Yacht Club do vary, but most of them are inspired by Mediterranean designs. Examples of these Mediterranean elements include stucco walls, red-tiled roofs, and outdoor living spaces. Most homes also have grandiose porches to spend time outdoors and look out at the bay.

What to Love

  • Fun outdoor recreational activities
  • Access to Napa Valley vineyards
  • Stunning views of the water
  • Seasonal festivals
  • Excellent California weather

Local Lifestyle

Napa Valley is one of the most enviable places to live due to its luxurious amenities, such as upscale shopping and dining opportunities, as well as its natural beauty. Of course, Napa Valley is practically synonymous with wine country, so residents who are wine lovers are particularly appreciative of Napa Valley’s glorious vineyards. 

There is a strong emphasis on health and wellness in Napa Valley, with many locals prioritizing going to workout classes like pilates and walking on scenic outdoor trails, both of which are available in Napa Valley. Napa Yacht Club residents especially live glamorous lives, taking private boat rides and playing golf on weekends. Thus, the local lifestyle for Napa Yacht Club is exciting and fun-filled. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

One of the best aspects of living in Napa Yacht Club is the exquisite restaurant options. First, Angele Restaurant & Bar entertains guests with a rustic, riverfront atmosphere. It serves delicious French fare and elaborate cocktails in a dreamily designed old boathouse. Also located on a waterfront property, Celadon is a lively eatery that offers comfort food in a refined, upscale manner. Its cuisine derives from Mediterranean, Asian, and American influences, combining to form a perfect fusion of flavorful dishes. 

La Toque’s delectable New French options served to guests in a refined, sophisticated ambiance are sure to please all Napa Valley locals. This is one of the best destinations for a romantic date night. Finally, TORC is one of the most famous restaurants in Napa, known for its farm-to-table dishes and extensive wine list. TORC is set in a stone-walled dining space with wooden furniture and an open kitchen. 

Things to Do

Napa Valley has so many amazing things to do. Wine tasting and vineyard exploring are the best activities to pursue in Napa Valley. Fortunati Vineyards Private Wine Tasting Lounge Napa is one of the most well-known wine-tasting places in Napa Valley. It primarily produces signature Napa Valley red wine but also offers white, rosé, and dessert wines. Its private tasting sessions are paired with incredible cheese options for an enjoyable time with friends. 

One eccentric activity many Napa locals love is a hot air balloon ride. Napa Valley Aloft Hot Air Balloon Rides is a spectacular company that offers aerial tours of some of the most beautiful views in California. There is also a fun brunch spot at the headquarters of the balloon ride to satisfy hungry riders. 

Everyone needs a day devoted to self-care and relaxation. The Spa at Silverado offers various spa services in a luxurious environment. Spa treatments are accompanied by access to a full-scale fitness center, hair and nail salon, wellness classes, and a whirlpool. 

Lastly, many people who live in Napa Yacht Club are golf lovers. Luckily, there are plenty of courses nearby for locals to enjoy. The Napa Valley Country Club is a fabulous, upscale club that has amenities such as a scenic 18-hole course, tennis courts, swimming pools, and a dining area that can hold large events like weddings. 


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