5 Best Restaurants in Yountville, CA

5 Best Restaurants in Yountville, CA

  • Avi Strugo
  • 11/9/22

Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley wine country, Yountville is a dream come true for the passionate foodie. Its reputation for producing world-famous Michelin-rated restaurants makes it a prime destination for any culinary enthusiast.
You’ll also find that many of the best restaurants have one thing in common: the world-renowned culinary master, Thomas Keller. To Keller, a meal is an “emotional experience,” not merely food and wine, and a great meal is less about being perfect and more about making people happy.

The French Laundry

Photo courtesy of Thomas Keller
Chef Thomas Keller is the owner and curator of The French Laundry, Yountville’s highly-sought out, three-star Michelin-rated restaurant. The French Laundry’s menu changes daily and depends on what they harvest from their culinary garden across the street.
The fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables never even make it to the refrigerator, and the day's harvest goes directly to the diners. The meals are at least nine courses, so arrive ready to spend the night eating. Portions are petite, but you will savor every bite and not leave hungry.
The wine list, delivered via a leather-bound iPad, is extensive and offers some of the best wines worldwide. If you don't consider yourself a wine connoisseur, ask for a three-glass pairing, and the waiter will make an informed decision for you, matching a wine that best complements the meal.
Reservations at The French Laundry open 30 days before a 60-day window. Be advised that reservations fill quickly, and you will watch reservation times disappear as you try to schedule your own time, so decide early and reserve quickly.
Don’t be disappointed if it takes over a year to secure a reservation. It will be worth your wait.

Bouchon Bistro

Photo courtesy of Thomas Keller
Bouchon Bistro is another of Thomas Keller's successful dining endeavors created four years after opening The French Laundry. Keller claims his inspiration for Bouchon was to make a restaurant reminiscent of the bistros and cafes he and his employees might frequent after work in Paris or New York.
It is a classic French Bistro with closely lined tables, red plush booths, and vintage artwork adorning the walls. There are also plenty of tables outside to enjoy people-watching and taking in the small town setting of Yountville.
The menu offers seasonal specials and a raw bar. Still, it maintains year-round favorite dishes like leg of lamb, roast chicken, and trout amandine—along with bread and pastries from the iconic Bouchon Bakery next door. The featured wine selections are from top Napa Valley and French wineries.

Ad Hoc

Photo courtesy of Thomas Keller
Another Yountville culinary success and Chef Keller concept, Ad Hoc, is to American fare what Bouchon Bistro is to French cuisine.
The four-course menu at Ad Hoc changes daily and features classic American comfort food like fried chicken, pot roast, or short ribs served family-style to evoke the feeling of a simple, down-home meal with an elegant twist.
The wine list offers selections from eleven countries and tries to arouse lucid memories of family meals around the table. Cocktails, similar to the daily changing menu, are inspired by classic, family-style meals and seasonal ingredients.

La Calenda

Photo courtesy of La Calenda
Thomas Keller didn’t stop at world-famous French Laundry Cuisine, classic French Bistro fare, or family-inspired foods from America. He surprised the culinary industry with La Calenda, an authentic Mexican restaurant in a traditional casual atmosphere.
The La Calenda menu offers everything Mexican, made from scratch with ingredients sourced directly from Mexico.
The menu is in Spanish, and you won’t find any of the meals in the typical Spanish-American Mexican style. Instead, the pork quesadillas, tacos carnitas, and chicken enchiladas are entirely authentic, delicious, designed, and made by Keller’s Chef de Cuisine, Kaelin Ulrich Trilling.
La Calenda is perfect for savory Mexican cuisine that will satisfy locals and travelers with original Mexican dishes and festive mezcal cocktails.

Mustards Grill

Mustards Grill has been a part of Napa Valley for over 30 years and continues to be where chefs enjoy sophisticated American food and drink Napa’s finest wines on their nights off.
Like many other Yountville restaurants, Mustards Grill is another authentic farm-to-table style restaurant. All the ingredients are fresh and come from their two acres of fully-planted acres that continue to inspire their culinary team while supplying at least 20 percent of the restaurant’s produce throughout the year.
A “Deluxe Truck Stop” is how Mustards Grill describes itself at the top of its menu. You’ll find hearty American-style food with a gourmet twist where their garden guides the seasonal fare. There are also a few staples like their “Famous Mongolian Pork Chops” and the seafood tostada that changes with the fish of the day.
Portions are hearty, the staff is amicable and professional, and their delicious homemade desserts, like their lemon-lime pie, are an added reason to keep returning.

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